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Credit By Exams

The San Benito Consolidated Independent School District is committed to excellence in education for all students. According to Texas Education Code 28.023; 19 TAC 74.24, “The District shall develop or purchase examinations for acceleration that thoroughly test the essential knowledge and skills for each primary school grade level and for credit for secondary school academic subject.” Therefore we offer Credit by Examination (CBE) for acceleration at every grade level and subject area offered in accordance with the Texas State Board of Education rules. A student is allowed to advance one grade level or one course per academic year.

Credit by exams will be offered four times throughout the school year. Applications and a testing calendar are available at each campus through the counselor’s office. The CBEs are aligned with current Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

Credit by Exam for Kindergarten

In accordance with State Board rules, the Board shall approve procedures developed by the Superintendent or designee to allow a child who is five years old at the beginning of the school year to be assigned initially to grade 1 rather than kindergarten. Criteria for acceleration may include:

  1. Scores on readiness tests or achievement tests that may be administered by appropriate District personnel.
  2. Recommendation of the kindergarten or preschool the student has attended.
  3. Chronological age and observed social and emotional development of the student.
  4. Other criteria deemed appropriate by the principal and Superintendent.

Scores of an 80% or higher on each CBE including language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies are needed in order to be accelerated to the first grade.

Credit by Examination for Acceleration, Grade 1 – Grade 5

A student in grades 1-5 must be accelerated one grade if the student scores 80% or higher on each CBE including language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies for the grade level the student wishes to advance past. Additionally, in order to qualify for acceleration, the student must be recommended, and the student’s parent or guardian must give written permission.

Credit by Examination, Grades 6 – 12

A student in grades 6-12 may be awarded credit based on performance on a CBE taken either with no prior instruction or with prior instruction. Students may not attempt to earn credit by exam for the same high school subject more than two times.

No Prior Instruction
Students who have had no prior instruction must be awarded credit for the applicable course if the student receives one of the following scores on a CBE approved by the local board of trustees:

  • 80% or higher on CBE exam


If a student fails to earn credit by exam for a high school course before the beginning of the school year when the student would normally be expected to enroll in that course according to the district’s schedule, the student must satisfactorily complete the course in order to earn credit.

Prior Instruction
Students who have had prior instruction in a course may be awarded credit for the applicable course if the student scores 70% or higher on a CBE approved by the local board of trustees. Prior instruction is determined by the local school district.


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Students that register for CBE at San Benito CISD will take approved CBE tests from the University of Texas at Austin High School. Study guides are available at


CREDIT BY EXAMS Testing Calendar 2017-2018




  1. The parent/guardian/teacher/student contacts their child’s campus counselor regarding CBE options.


  1. The counselor provides the parent/guardian/teacher/student the CBE registration form and verifies that the student is eligible for CBE.


  1. The parent/guardian/student complete and sign the registration form.


  1. The counselor scans and emails the registration form to the GT department by the deadline.


  1. After score reports have been published by UT, the parent/guardian/student/ and campus counselor will be notified.


  1. The counselor is responsible for providing a copy of the student’s score report to the campus registrar if the student earns passing scores on the CBE. The campus registrar will file passing scores in the student’s permanent record and will document earned credit on transcript.